Barnstaple Laundromat is one of three laundrettes that services the Barnstaple and Braunton areas.

Barnstaple Laundromat is located in the center of Barnstaple in Bear Street and we offer a wide range of laundry services in a clean, bright and friendly place for all your washing needs.

Our services include DIY laundry, service laundry, Blankets/Bedspreads, Duvet (including feather), Pillows (including feather), Sports Kits, Hairdressing Towels, Sleeping Bags, Rugs (including horse rugs).

For your convenience we have two other laundrettes out of town, one at Newport and the other in Braunton. These are un-manned laundromats and are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Newport Laundromat is our newest venture. It was opened in October 2011.

All our laundrettes use the latest equipment to ensure that you get the fastest and reliable laundry services you should expect to find in this day and age.